Microsoft Excel 2021 Expert

(MSEXCEL-EXP.AD1) / ISBN : 978-1-64459-432-2
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About This Course

Gain the skills required to work in Excel 2021 with the Microsoft Excel 2021 Expert course and lab. This course builds upon the foundational and intermediate knowledge presented in the Microsoft® Office Excel® 2021: Part 1 and Microsoft® Office Excel® 2021: Part 2 courses to help you get the most out of your Excel experience. After taking this course, you'll be able to collaborate with colleagues, automate complex or repetitive tasks, and use conditional logic and dynamic arrays to construct and apply elaborate formulas and functions. 

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15+ Lessons | 54+ Exercises | 46+ Quizzes | 48+ Flashcards | 48+ Glossary of terms


10+ Pre Assessment Questions | 10+ Post Assessment Questions |

Hands-On Labs

28+ LiveLab | 10+ Video tutorials | 08+ Minutes


About This Course

  • Course Description

Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Topic A: Use Links and External References
  • Topic B: Use 3-D References
  • Topic C: Consolidate Data

Sharing and Protecting Workbooks

  • Topic A: Collaborate on a Workbook
  • Topic B: Protect Worksheets and Workbooks

Automating Workbook Functionality

  • Topic A: Apply Data Validation
  • Topic B: Search for Invalid Data and Formulas with Errors
  • Topic C: Work with Macros

Using Lookup Functions, Dynamic Arrays, and Formula Auditing

  • Topic A: Use Lookup Functions
  • Topic B: Use Dynamic Arrays and Dynamic Array Functions
  • Topic C: Trace Cells
  • Topic D: Watch and Evaluate Formulas

Forecasting Data

  • Topic A: Determine Potential Outcomes Using Data Tables
  • Topic B: Determine Potential Outcomes Using Scenarios
  • Topic C: Use the Goal Seek Feature
  • Topic D: Forecast Data Trends

Creating Sparklines and Mapping Data

  • Topic A: Create Sparklines
  • Topic B: Map Data

Appendix A: Microsoft® Excel® 2021 Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix B: Cube Functions

Appendix C: Importing and Exporting Data

  • Topic A: Import and Export Data

Appendix D: Internationalizing Workbooks

  • Topic A: Internationalize Workbooks

Appendix E: Working with Power Pivot

  • Topic A: Work with Power Pivot

Appendix F: Advanced Customization Options

  • Topic A: Customize Advanced Options

Appendix G: Working with Forms and Controls

  • Topic A: Work with Forms and Controls

Appendix H: Using Array Formulas

  • Topic A: Use Array Formulas


Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Creating Links
  • Creating External Links
  • Creating a 3-D Formula
  • Consolidating Data

Sharing and Protecting Workbooks

  • Fixing the Missing Alternative Text Error by Using the Accessibility Checker
  • Exporting the Workbook in the PDF File Format
  • Hiding the Worksheet
  • Enabling Worksheet Protection
  • Hiding the Formulas

Automating Workbook Functionality

  • Enabling and Configuring the Settings for Data Validation
  • Checking the Worksheet For Errors In Formulas
  • Finding and Fixing Invalid Data Entries
  • Saving the Workbook as a Macro-Enabled Workbook

Using Lookup Functions, Dynamic Arrays, and Formula Auditing

  • Using the HLOOKUP Function
  • Using the INDEX Function
  • Using the MATCH Function
  • Using the FILTER Function
  • Using the SEQUENCE Function
  • Using the SORT Function
  • Using the LET Function
  • Using the XLOOKUP Function
  • Using the TRANSPOSE Function
  • Using the VLOOKUP Function
  • Using the UNIQUE Function
  • Using the XMATCH Function

Forecasting Data

  • Creating a Two-Variable Data Table
  • Creating a Forecast Sheet

Creating Sparklines and Mapping Data

  • Creating Sparklines

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